Let us Awaken!
Let us Realize the Reality!!
Let us be Happy !!!
As Human Beings, can we deny
The All pervading Supreme Power
The Existence of Our Existence
The Almighty
Our Reality
Our Being
Why this centre?

The quest for Self knowledge, Self perfection and Self realization or Self actualization is the Inner most Human nature.
From time immemorial, we are in the pursuit of the same.
Let us know that all the Religions and Spiritual teachings of the World, all philosophies, psychology, Science and Technologies are aiming at the same, with difference in the methodology of approach, reminding and emphasizing about the relevance of right, straight and positive thinking in the Realization our Reality – Our Being.

Understanding the whole spectrum of our Being–our Existence- the Reality -the Almighty, in relation to our day to day life, aiming at Human perfection, excellence, harmony and Everlasting Happiness is the vision and mission of this Novel Centre – Centre for Human Perfection.

Where are we now?

We are entering to a World of Change. In this Millennium, we are experiencing and leading a totally changed and transformed life. We are living in a world, where science and technology and other profound knowledge in all areas of life are taking place at a tremendous velocity, where change is the only Reality.

The attitude, aptitude, approaches and the life style systems of all Human beings irrespective of age, sex, socio-economic status, custom, religion, locality and country have really taken a paradigm shift.

Really speaking, there in a Generation Gap

From a different perspective, Let us look at the other side of the coin

Even though we are excited and exhilarated by enjoying the benefits and other positive outcomes, our relationship in personal life, family, in the society, in the country and the whole world has changed, collapsed, shattered and is fading away. Values, protocol, love, sympathy, empathy, emotional attachment, relationship, responsibilities, obligations and the like refined qualities are vanishing day by day.

To put it in another way

Negativity in taking an upper hand in our day to day life. We are amidst colossal confusion, conflicts, contradictions, terror, violence and uncertainty in this otherwise beautiful World.

What are the reasons?

To find out an answer to this challenging situation in really tiresome and generally unrewarding, because each and every person, society, culture, religion, state, country will have their own perspective, opinions, suggestions, methods, ways and the like.

And what is the end result?

We are no where !
We return to where we started!
And this phenomena, cycle continues!

What is the Solution?

If we rally observe our life, we can really realize that, for every problem, situation or challenge in life there in an appropriate and right solution – if we are thinking and acting in the right and straight path.

The role of Religion and Spirituality

From time immemorial, irrespective of beliefs, customs, practices, teachings and methods of various Religions in the World, the quintessence of all spirituality emphasizes the relevance of right, straight and positive thinking in the realization of our Reality and guides and offers us the means and ways for Perfection.

Are we Religious or Spiritual?

If we are very sincere, transparent and truthful, we can really observe that most of us are really Religious, rather than Spiritual. The present scenario all over the world in that religious activities are booming up, where as spirituality in coming done, resulting in all problems and confusions as mentioned earlier.

To put in a simple language, we are experiencing a reversed effect in life.
What is the crux of the problem?

The clear cut, evidence based answer to this serious question in very simple- the lack of understanding of the what, why, when, where and how of our thoughts and thinking – that is our own Mind.

The lacuna in Classical Spiritual Teaching

All the spiritual Teachings are aiming with absolute positive intention for Human evolution and perfection.
But there in a very small, but very important drawback – the lack of the technical know –how of the subtle functions and working and the technique of changing the Human Mind.

This in the area where all Scientists, Philosophers, Thinkers and Psychologists of the whole world are getting linked and interested.
Now a new wave of thinking has emerged all over the world, and it has really ignited the passion and enthusiasm of majority of persons in this new millennium.

Science and spirituality should go hand in hand

Previously science and spirituality were traveling in opposite directions. Now it is converging to a single point, where Scientists, Spiritual thinkers and Philosophers are sharing their views and ideas and are going hand in hand, resulting the new experience of Human Perfection and Excellence in all areas of our life.
This new approach has really taken a great momentum and in the near future, there will be real Solution to all the psychological problems in life.
All over this world this new concept in coming up in a big way, and we are going to experience a paradigm shift in our life in the coming days.
To sump, to put in a nutshell, Applied or Scientific or Practical Spirituality is the necessity of the time
Our approach – the difference that makes the difference
With this idea in mind, we are trying to incorporate the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the East and the West with recent advances in Science and Technology, Neural Sciences, Bio Medical sciences, Psychology, Information technology, Computer Science, and other allied subjects, so that the methodology of imparting spiritual knowledge and experience in also undated accordingly , so that it in more feasible, accessible and acceptable to all of us, especially the younger generation at large, resulting in Human Perfection, Excellence, Creativity, Ethical value, Harmony, Happiness and Peace and Love in our daily life.
Psycho Technology (Technology for Mind Re- Programming)
We are offering a technology with a set of tools, working at the subtle level of the Human mind and brain.
The whole spiritual knowledge and wisdom is being up-dated with the newer scientific and technical knowledge.
The methodology we are presenting is working at the subtle level of the Human Mind- at the Neuronal level of the Human brain, resulting in radical positive transformation in our inner most being and our entire life.
Really it is a Break- Through technology in our life, leading to
1. Positive personal change and perfection.
2. Peak performance and achievement
3. Spontaneous creativity
4. Harmony and Happiness
5. Human Excellence.

 Advanced Research on Human Consciousness &
 Mind Re-Programming
 Behavioural Sciences
 Creativity
 Ethical Values
 Human Excellence
 Holistic Living
 Harmony and Happiness
 Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP)
 Scientific Spirituality
 Universal Peace and Love
• Authentic Happiness
• Mind and its Mysteries
• Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• Alpha Mind Programming
• Psycho-Technology & Cybernetics
• Sub – Liminal Psycho- dynamics
• Silva Mind Control Methods
• Mind – Mapping
• Memory Improvement Techniques
• Learning Skills
• Creative Visualization
• Perception – Illusion & Reality
• Positive Thinking
• Positive Psychology
• Personality Development
• Persuasion Skills
• Communication Skills
• Inter-Personal Relationship and Rapport
• Motivational Series
• Inspirational Series
• Emotional Freedom Training
• Relaxation Techniques
• Serenity Sessions
• Stress Management
• Stress and Relaxation Response
• Harmonious Family Relationship
• Health Awareness Series
• Holistic Health Care Delivery System
• Positive Health and Well being
• Mind – Body Connection & Psycho-Neuro-Immunology
• Quantum Healing (Matrix Bio-Energetic)
• Bio- Energy Field
• Mind-Brain-Soul Integration
• Art and Science of Meditation
• Conscious Living
• Self – Actualization Sessions
• And the like Self growth Series
What are we doing now?
At our Centre in Kollam, we are conducting regular classes, workshops, seminars, Practical sessions on Mind Programming Technologies, National & International Conferences and the like in a systematic manner. Highly qualified and dedicated persons are conducting the whole programmes under the guidance of Dr. D. Purushothaman- The Program Director. Eminent faculties of National and International repute will be periodically delivering speeches and guiding the classes and seminars.
a. The happiness experience
At present we are working on a Novel Mind programming session for Everlasting Happiness in our life. Happiness is Our Innermost Nature we struggle hard to obtain Happiness in our daily life. But we don’t really experience it can we have a flow experience of Happiness? Certainly the answer is Yes How? Will all the luxuries in our life bring us Everlasting Happiness? Is Happiness a state of the Mind? Or is it something else? Let us understand the What? Why? When? and the Know-how of Happiness
b. Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP)
The Art and Science of using words, symbols and simple body languages for Re-programming the mind and our life for a Radical positive change. We are focusing on the applied aspects of NLP and Regular Training Programs.
C. Quantum Healing (Matrix Energetics)
The novel method of Healing the Mind and Body, at the core of subtle Being, using Universal Life Energy (ULE) – Resulting in absolute Health and well being.
D. Program Schedule
• Daily Awareness Programs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
• Weekly on day program from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Every Sunday)
• Monthly one day program from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (1st Sunday of every month)
[ Classes, Seminars, Discussions, Inter-active Sessions, National and Inter-National Conferences etc.]
Our In-home Programs are conducted in an ambient space at Hotel ‘The Vaidya’- a symbol for hospitality and holistic life style – located in the heart of Kollam- The Desinganad- The Land of Human values and Heavenly experience.
Residency Road, Chinnakkada,
Kollam – 691 001

A humble beginning – Be Connected
We are sincerely soliciting the esteemed association, co-operation, contacts, help, interest, interactions, suggestions, support and all other positive attitudes, aptitudes, approaches and goodwill of all like-minded persons and organizations all over the world for the proper projection, promotion, propagation and persuasion of this Noble Vision and Mission for Human Perfection, Excellence, Harmony, Authentic Happiness, Well Being, Universal Peace and Love over the Globe, over the years to come.
Behind the Screen
Let me introduce myself and share my vision and views.
I am Dr.D. Purushothaman, a retired surgeon by profession from the Kerala State Health Services, from District Hospital, Kollam in 2005.
You know by virtue of my profession, I was doing surgery on the human body for various surgical problems and fully engaged in clinical and surgical practice. Later, I started doing surgery on myself; I was dissecting and analyzing each every part of my mind and psych with sharp knife of my intellect.
Over the years, it was my passion, inquisitiveness and burning desire to know what is Reality, Truth, the Almighty, the Supreme Being.
I was observing my own life and the whole Humanity, the whole world at large. I was trying to study our thoughts, emotions, feelings, our perceptions, our desires, our confusions, Happiness, Un happiness and the whole spectrum of our life. To put it in another way it was a Real spiritual journey in the pursuit of the same I had extensively traveled to many places met many persons had many discussions and the like.
Then I thought that I will incorporate the ancient spiritual and philosophical teachings of the world religions with recent advances in Psychology, Neural Science and other scientific technologies, so that the methodology of imparting spiritual knowledge and experience is updated- that is Applied and Scientific Spirituality – Aiming at Human Perfection.
In search of the same, I have contacted many renowned organizations and persons all over the world. I had extensively searched in the Net & Web. I was really fascinated to pursue with my Vision and Views. In the meantime I had taken a Ph.D in Positive Psychology. Then I had created my Websites/Blog sites/You tube and I have joined many notable Social Networking Groups. My Vision and Views are spread all over the world through the Net and Web and I am really getting tremendous positive response and support from all parts of the world, especially from the new generation.
Then I though that, in order to have an Authenticity and validity, I should start an Organization.
The end result is this Centre for Human perfection.
At present I am working as a Surgeon as well as a Spiritual Scientist, Positive Psychologist, Life Coach, Master Mind Programmer and NLP Practitioner
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